Steven James Kuzenski

PDGA # 29027

Graduated Hortonville (WI) High School in 1999.

  - National Honor Society Member

  - Varisty Athlete in Basketball, Golf, and High Jump

Graduated from Winona State University (MN) in 2006.

 - BA in Mass Communications (Broadcasting) and Marketing.

Assistant News Director (among MANY other roles/duties) at Winona Radio. 2003-2006

Host/Producer of the Official 'PDGA Radio News' Podcasts. 2008-2010

Founded 'Disc Golf 365' in 2010. Launched retail store in 2013. Opened first course in 2015.

Steve has also acquired a wide variety of other on the job skills, including: Convenience Store Manager, Delivery Driver, Auto Detailer, Carpet Cleaning & Mold Removal, Pressure Wash/Clean Bathrooms, Parking Meter Collector, TV Production Crew, and most recently traveling the Upper Midwest with a group of donkeys helping to host fundraisers while running a Donkey Basketball game (

He hopes his vast experiences may someday lead to a Reality TV Show, book deal, or most likely just some great stories for his grandchildren. In the meantime, he is enjoying the life he has chosen and furthering the sport of disc golf in the Chippewa Valley and wherever else his travels may take him.